Why choose oil heating?

Oil is one of the cheapest fuels available for heating homes in Northern Ireland and in fact is currently over 40% cheaper than LPG*. There are over 2 million homes in the UK and Ireland using oil for hot water and space heating and with 500,000 homes using oilin Northern Ireland, you can be reassured you are using the most popular fuel for off-grid homes and businesses!

It’s a safe, economical fuel and you can choose from over 250 distributors. We would recommend you use a member of the NI Oil Federation or FPS as they have a customer charter in place that offers consumer protection.

Remember to ask your distributor about best value; buying the largest amount of oil you can afford will mean you access the best price, ask for a meeting to discuss your heating needs and sign up for direct debit if it suits your needs. There may be a local liquid fuel buying club where neighbours arrange to take delivery at the same time to negotiate extra discounts.

You should also consider reliability of service, punctuality of delivery, payment terms and offers when choosing your distributor.

Looking ahead to the future, and with rising concerns about the use of fossil fuels for domestic heating, industry is working hard to develop a low carbon liquid fuel to replace kerosene.
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*According to the Sutherland Tables (Independent Energy Experts). Data is based on the four year average figures from January 2019 of average three bed house in Northern Ireland.