Oil tank checks

Why you should have your oil tank checked

Modern oil storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from plastic or steel. The size and type that your OFTEC registered technician recommends will depend on your individual requirements. It is recommended that the chosen tank is manufactured to OFTEC Standards (OFS T100 for plastic or OFS T200 for steel).

You may also have heard about ‘bunded’ tanks, these have a secondary containment to provide additional protection for the stored fuel. Typically, installations near a river, well or any controlled water are likely to require bunding to meet building regulations. Your OFTEC registered technician will carry out a risk assessment and advise you accordingly.

Your oil tank should be inspected annually as part of your heating system’s regular service. Oil tanks, like all heating products, have an expected working life of around 20 years, the risk of a costly tank failure increases beyond this time. The tank manufacturer or your servicing technician can advise you on when you should consider replacing your tank.
For more information, read OFTEC’s guide on Oil Storage

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Oil tank telemetry

Going wireless

User friendly devices mean that you no longer have to visit your tank to check how much fuel you have left. Local Level Monitors clearly display fuel levels on a receiver unit for you to view at your convenience. This gives you peace of mind knowing that fuel levels are being monitored efficiently and allows you to take more control of your storage tank levels. The devices are easy to use and install and are very user friendly. Your local OFTEC registered technician can advise you further and provide a quotation.

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